Microprocessors and Windows Applications. 
signalconverterOccasionally you might come across a situation where nothing off the shelf will solve what appears to be a trivial electronics, interfacing or software problem. Send a brief outline of what you want to do, we can consider your requirements and propose a solution.
Not sure that hardware is the answer?

We can even write a Windows application to emulate what the interface will do prior to any hardware being supplied. Adjustments to the function can be made in software after which a hardware version can be proposed.

Whilst our background is marine we can work with other areas of the electronics Industry as well. You will only deal with one person throughout to simplify the whole process. 

The services offered are circuit/system design and firmware writing, pcb design and procurement, assembly and testing all to the customer's requirements. Here are some real examples.

Some Real Examples
Data taken from... The Processor  
...a NMEA source ... provides two filtered outputs, one heading and one position. Outputs the heading and position data to two different NMEA ports
... a non conforming signal from an anemometer ...modifies the data stream Outputs to data logging equipment avoiding having to replace the anemometer
...a piece of equipment with an irritating tendency to fail intermittently. ...detects the failure Outputs an alarm to help pinpoint the time/cause of failure which otherwise would have gone un-noticed until the equipment was needed.
...a NMEA version 2.3 source ...downgrades it to NMEA 1.5 Outputs the data to a non mission critical system allowing use of an otherwise obsolete but expensive piece of survey equipment
...an Email program add-in on an unattended PC ...accepts a data signal on incoming mail Outputs sounds an alarm and lights a lamp
...a NMEA source ...reduces the rate to 1 sentence every 10 secs Outputs to a PC application saving on PC resources
... a set of voltage free contacts ...turns them into a data stream Outputs the to data to a PC application
... a set of relay output contacts which 'bounce' ...removed the bounce using a Microcontroller Avoids the immediate need to replace the original equipment which could only be done in a scheduled maintenance period
...NMEA from a 9600 or 4800 baud source performs NMEA filtering or blocking Gives filtering at 4800 or 9600 baud, blocking at the same rate as the input