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Autoguard Ship Intrusion Detection System.

Find out who goes where! Detect monitor and be alerted by wanted and unwanted guests as well as protecting no-go areas.

Wireless or fixed Passive Infra Red (PIR) movement detectors are placed strategically round the ship with monitoring from either a dedicated panel or a PC application.

Configuration need not be fixed to add a further dimension to your Security Operation.

The PC application interfaces with the Autoguard Ship Intrusion Dectection System allowing you to drag and drop PIR icons onto a fully customisable background of the ship's layout. The PIR icon will flash and an alarm sound on activation. A 'timestamped' log of all activations is stored on the PC.

Follow this link for more information and document downloads. Try the client software at Drag-n-Drop Guardian Intrusion Interface.




Client Software

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