Voyage Data Recorders.

Eiland Communications Limited is approved by the following manufacturers to carry out Annual Performance Testing, installation and servicing of their respective Voyage Data Recorder and Simplified Voyage Data Recorders. If the manufacturer of your VDR is not listed we can probably point you in the right direction :-

AMI Marine (UK) Limted (X-VDR, 2272B)

Headway Marine Technology (HMT-100, HMT-100S, HMT-100A).

Replacement of Voyage Data Recorders.

Eiland Communications has successfully undertaken VDR and sVDR replacement in drydock and where necessary whilst the ship is in service. Planning is of course essential and we have engineering procedures in place to ensure the smooth changeover from the old to the new.

  With the ship still in service the capsule of an sVDR is replaced as part of a complete equipment change. Original sVDR capsuleNew sVDR capsule  Replacing a full VDR.

Where a VDR (as opposed to an sVDR) needs to be replaced then the new equipment and the installation must meet the requirements of MSC.333(90). 

The AMI Marine (UK) Limied X-VDR meets the requirements as does the Headway Voyage Data Recorder HMT-100A manufactured by Headway Marine Technology.