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A Windows Application for Converting Data to Speech

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Originally developed as an 'in house' novelty electronic service aid the TALKING DATA software application by EILAND COMMUNICATIONS LTD is bringing a dimension to sailing which most of us take for granted. The software, which translates the data interface signals from navigational aids into spoken words, is able to enhance the sailing experience for people who are blind or visually impaired.

The TALKING DATA application runs in Microsoft Windows and is able to accept NMEA data - a common language used by marine radio and navigation equipment- to automatically 'speak' in plain language the data output. Using a suitably equipped PC/Laptop a Bluetooth headset leaves the user hands free to enjoy the sailing experience whilst independantly being kept fully up to date with the navigational information such as speed, course, position, depth, wind speed, distance and ETA to next waypoint.


( 30 April 2018 but will be updated Autumn 2017)

The application can be easily adapted to work with any data input and provide a spoken output.

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